How To Test Pregnancy Using Home Remedies

Being pregnant is not a new thing. Every sexually active woman has a desire to acknowledge her pregnancy status by carrying out a pregnancy test. Some use their pregnancy results to plan for their baby delivery and others to abort because of reasons are well known by them. Also, buying of Pregnancy Test kits and visiting gynecologists was not available to our ancestral grandmothers. In fact, they relied on homemade remedies to test their pregnancies. These traditional methods are still used by many women even today. For this reason, I would like you to read the following tips on how to test pregnancy using home remedies.

Vinegar test

The simplest way to have your pregnancy test results without medical attention is by buying vinegar. To test, you just pour a portion of urine in a cup of vinegar to predict your pregnancy. When the color of your urine and vinegar mixture changes, then it means that you might be pregnant. Furthermore, you can start seeing some fizzling of the mixture once you pour your urine in a cup having vinegar. However, there is no proof that this type of pregnancy test is reliable. Also, the ratios of urine and vinegar are not specified hence the results may not be reliable.

Dandelion pregnancy test

The use of dandelion leaves in pregnancy test was invented many centuries ago. It was one of the methods that were used to test pregnancy since people were more in touch with nature. Dandelion is a popular weed that can be found in various parkland and even tended gardens. To carry out the test, you should pick leaves that have grown in the shade because overhead sunlight can hinder valid results. Put the dandelion leaves in a container and pour sufficient urine so that they mix properly. If you observe some reddish signs on the leaves after about ten minutes, then it means you are pregnant. But if you do not see reddish blisters on the leaves it indicates that you are not pregnant. However, you can keep checking till you are satisfied that these leaves are not reacting with your urine anymore.

Homemade pine sol test

You may be using pine sol whenever you are cleaning your bathrooms, kitchen, and floors at your home. You can as well use the pine sol in your house to test your pregnancy. You can test pregnancy by simply adding your fresh urine into a bottle containing pine sol. If the mixture turns its color, it implicates that you are pregnant. While most women are using this method, it is not scientifically proven too. Therefore, the results from using pine sol may not be 100% valid.

Use of sugar

Sugar can be used to test if you are pregnant or not. In fact, sugar is commonly available and also cheap to obtain. Simply put at least seven spoonfuls of sugar in a dish and add fresh urine on it or you can urinate onto the sugar directly. You will know you are pregnant when you notice the formation of clumps of sugar in the dish. But if the sugar simply dissolves into the urine, then you are presumably not pregnant. It can be more valid if you do this the moment you wake up in the morning.